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11 February 2022

The story of Carmo poles (Quality control 5/6)

The story of Carmo poles (Quality control 5/6)

How can it be that there is a 20-year full warranty on wooden posts?

When you need the guarantee, the company no longer exists and nobody is at home. These are comments we often hear. In the coming period, we will be focusing on the 20-year guarantee on wooden posts. These are not wooden poles, but Carmo poles.

In a series of articles we describe the Carmo wooden post. The wooden post that comes with a 20-year guarantee. How is this possible? Read the previous and upcoming articles. In this article we describe the treatment of Carmo wooden posts.

Probably many recognize the problems that wooden posts can give. After a few years large cracks in the poles, rotting and breaking. As a fruit grower this is very frustrating. FruitSecurity Holland stands for top products that have a good price-quality ratio because of their long life. Products to rely on. Carmo wooden posts are known for their excellent quality. Wooden posts with a 20-year warranty are not just any posts. It is a pole that is preceded by a careful process. Quality control ultimately determines the quality of the post that leaves the factory. In this article we write about the 7 checks that are performed during the production process of the Carmo wooden pole.

Quality control

There are seven quality checks for the wooden pole:

  1. In forestry, where cutting is always controlled and done at the base of the tree. By nature, the lower part of the tree is always the strongest. The amount of knots is also minimal in the lower part of the tree.
  2. When receiving the raw material. The raw logs come in from the forestry industry. A strict selection takes place for the health of the logs. The logs must not be affected by infections or be too crooked. Of course, there should be no cuts in the logs.
  3. Removal of the bark. Here the amount of knots is checked. The poles and the diameter are also checked.
  4. Drying takes place with a special stacking method (as described earlier). The drying is carefully monitored. The speed of drying is also checked and monitored.
  5. When palletizing, a second check of the diameters is done. Also a second check on the curvature of the wooden pole takes place.
  6. Before the poles are treated, the poles are checked again for the moisture content. Reports are made of all treatments. The amount of pesticide that entered the machine and the amount that came out of the machine gives a good picture of how much pesticide the poles have absorbed. Samples are taken every day and the laboratory looks at how far the pesticide has been absorbed in the post (see photo below).
  7. Quality control logistics. Pallets are checked for numbers and for visual deviations. This is where the poles get their labels which can be found on the packs of poles when they are delivered to you. Each customer receives a certificate for the 20-year warranty on Carmo wooden posts.

Carmo quality control

Quality control is a control that is woven throughout the process. This is also necessary to be able to deliver a top product. By working carefully, a product is delivered that is guaranteed to be good. In our next newsletter we will write about the warranty on the Carmo wooden pole.