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7 January 2022

Bayco wire in orchards and vineyards

Bayco wire in orchards and vineyards

Dear Readers, this week we want to share an interesting product with you.  

For over 30 years Bayco® polyamide plastic wire has established itself in vineyards and orchards throughout the world. “PERLON – The Filament Company”, is the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic monofilaments. Perlon is known for excellent quality and customer-oriented products. 

Problems steel wire

We are certain that, for many of our readers, Bayco® is an optimal alternative to the conventionally used metal wire. 
Bayco® is an ideal trellis and catch wire. It is virtually maintenance-free, impressive from an economical point of view and the perfect product for working sustainably, effectively and cost-efficiently.
Many who have changed over to Bayco® wire were previously using conventional metal wires. There are major problems with metal wire: 

  1. It has to be re-tensioned after each harvest.
  2. Handling the heavy metal wire is arduous.
  3. Time consuming installation and work.

This means loads of additional work which will result in increased personnel time and costs. All of us working in the wine and fruit growing business know that any work that can be avoided means saved time, labor, material and costs as well as higher profits.

Baycodraad support wire

Labour saver

In this respect, Bayco® is a real labor saver as it is very simple to assemble and install. The best, however, is that the ongoing maintenance work is significantly reduced because Bayco® stays permanently taut. Re-tensioning work after each harvest or additional tensioning devices are not necessary. For you, that means once Bayco® wire is correctly tensioned, you don’t need to spend time adjusting it in subsequent years and have time for tending to other things. 

Besides, Bayco® is seven times lighter than metal wire. Bayco® has a long service life. It doesn't rust and remains otherwise unaffected by temperature, climate and dampness. Due to a high quality UV stabilizer system, Bayco® wires can still be used for 30+ years of working life – even under extreme sun. 
When using Bayco® as a catch wire a whole row of shoots can be fixed with one simple move.
This makes Bayco® a very economic purchase.


PERLON summarizes the product advantages of Bayco® as follows:

  • Fully synthetic monofilament wire;
  • Simple assembly;
  • Considerably lighter (7 times) than metal wire;
  • Bayco® wire remains permanently taut;
  • No maintenance work;
  • No re-tensioning;
  • No additional tensioning devices required;
  • Bayco® always stays smooth;
  • No friction and rust damage;
  • UV stable;
  • Resistant to sprays, fertilizers and humic acids;
  • No leaching of metal oxides into the soil.

Besides its usage in vineyards and orchards, Bayco® wires are also used in various other applications such as anti- hail coverings, greenhouses or horse fencing as well as water- and fishpond coverings.

Bayco horsefencing

We hope that you found this information useful and informative. Bayco® wire has impressed many users over the world. We are happy to recommend this product to everyone.

Gerben van Veldhuizen - FruitSecurity Holland

Gerben van Veldhuizen

CEO & fruitprotection specialist

My mission is to help as many fruit growers as possible get a good harvest.
So that fruit damage can be prevented, no delivery problems occur, and fruit growers can harvest successfully!