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21 April 2023

All about crop protection for viticulture!

All about crop protection for viticulture!

Viticulture in the Netherlands and Belgium is gaining popularity. With changing climatic conditions and growing interest in local produce, more and more people are interested in starting a vineyard. However, the weather can be challenging for vineyard owners, with rain and hail potentially damaging the wine harvest. In this article, we discuss viticulture in the Netherlands and Belgium, what vineyard owners should look out for, the impact of weather conditions in the vineyard and ways vineyard owners can protect their vineyards using canopies that are already widely used in fruit growing as well.

Viticulture in general

Viticulture in the Netherlands and Belgium has experienced significant growth in recent years compared to previous years. Despite the fact that these countries are known for their maritime climate, there are several regions where viticulture is successful. Viticulture is mainly practised in the east and south of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Vineyarders grow different types of grapes, such as white, red and blue grapes, depending on the microclimate in the region.

Growing grapes with hail nets

What should you pay attention to when it comes to harvest protection as a vineyard owner?

As a vineyard manager, you need to consider several factors for a successful harvest. Some of these factors include:

  1. Climate and soil

The climate and soil of the region in which you want to establish your vineyard are crucial for grape growth. The maritime climate is generally cool and wet, which can affect the choice of grape varieties and growing techniques you can use.

  1. Grape varieties

Choose grape varieties suited to the maritime climate and soil of your vineyard. Special grape varieties that are more resistant to cold and wet weather have been developed, for example Johanniter, Solaris and Rondo.

  1. Disease control

Fungal diseases such as mildew and botrytis can threaten the vineyard. It is important to check the vineyard regularly. This is to be able to take timely measures against further spread of the disease. You can then use biological or chemical pesticides in the vineyard, for example.

  1. Harvest time

The right timing of harvesting is very important. It depends on the ripeness of the grapes and weather conditions. Harvesting too early can result in unripe grapes, while harvesting too late can result in overripe grapes with lower sugar content. Monitoring weather forecasts and carefully determining the right harvest time is crucial for the quality of the grape or final product.

viticulture with hail nets

Can weather conditions such as rain and hail damage the grapes?

Weather conditions, such as rain and hail, can definitely damage grapes! Rain during flowering and ripening phases of grapes can affect grape quality. For example, too much rain can lead to a higher risk of fungal diseases in the vineyard, reduced sugar concentration and increased acidity in the grapes. If you make wine from the grapes, there may then be less aroma or flavour.

Hail is another challenge for vineyard owners as it can damage the grapes and lead to yield loss. A vineyard's entire year's yield can hail within minutes. Hailstones can damage grapes, which in turn also increases the risk of infections from fungi and bacteria in the vineyard.

Can you protect the vineyard from rain and hail?

There are several measures you can take as a vineyard owner to protect your vineyard from adverse weather conditions. Some of these measures are:

Protection systems for viticulture

With the use of protection systems, grapevines can be protected from rain and hail. There are several options, such as foils, nets and tunnels. An example of a canopy in viticulture is the Jacket Vineyard System.

Windbreak system

Installing a Windbreak system helps to reduce the impact of strong winds in the vineyard. When placing a hedge, for example, is not possible, a Windbreak system offers solutions. This is because wind can affect the flowering and fruiting of grapes and cause damage to grapes and vines.

Drainage systems

Good drainage in the vineyard can help drain excess water and prevent waterlogging. This reduces the risk of fungal diseases due to excess rainwater.

Grape varieties

Choosing grape varieties that are resistant to the local climate and weather conditions can also help protect the vineyard. Some grape varieties are more resistant to rain and fungal diseases than others, and choosing the right varieties can reduce the risks.

Monitoring the weather

Monitoring the weather and taking timely action is key to protecting the vineyard from weather conditions. By regularly monitoring the weather forecast and acting quickly when weather conditions threaten, such as closing canopies or applying protective measures, vineyard owners can minimise weather-related damage.

There are also sensors that can give you a good overview of what is happening in your vineyard. The stations can be equipped with different meters that give a complete overview of the vineyard. Frost, Leaf humidity and soil moisture sensors are some of those sensors. Read more about the vineyard weather station here.

weather sensors

Which companies supply vineyard protection systems?

There are several companies that provide protection in the form of canopies for viticulture. Some well-known companies are:


BOFIX-systems supplies hail net systems, machinery and materials for viticulture in the Netherlands and Belgium. BOFIX supplies, for example, Whailex hail net systems for viticulture. In the Whailex system, the hail nets can be attached to existing support posts. The hail nets remain permanently in place in the planting and, if required, can be set up very quickly by one person by means of a simple operating lever.

Fruit Support Europe

Fruit Support Europe levert a complete range of support and canopy materials for viticulture. Examples include the Whailex system and Bayco wire. The Whailex system is a hail net system where a hail net is attached with clips to the top crop wire on both sides of the tree row. The system can be easily coiled through a tube at the bottom. Fruit Support Europe also supplies Bayco wire, the best alternative to steel wire. Bayco wire is an all-plastic polyamide wire (tree-friendly).

Hermens Fruitsystems

Hermens Fruitsystems provides support and protection for viticulture. Hermens has the Vineyard Support System and various types of steel vineyard poles for crop support, for example. Hermens fruitsystems has been importing materials from Italy by Valente Pali since 1995.

Howitec Netting

Howitec Netting has a wide range of nets and mesh for viticulture. Such as a suzukii fruit fly net, wasp net or grape straw bags. Howitec Netting also supplies windbreak netting to break the wind in a vineyard to protect the crop. Howitec works on sustainable netting solutions for fruit growing and viticulture.

There are, of course, other companies that supply protection in the form of canopies for viticulture in the Netherlands and Belgium. Only these are some of the leading suppliers. Some of these companies have years of experience in fruit growing and can therefore support you as a vineyard owner with their solutions.


In short, protecting grapes is of great importance for successful wine growing in the Netherlands and Belgium. Grapes are sensitive crops susceptible to various challenges, including weather conditions, pests and diseases. Protecting grapes can help optimise yield and quality. It is very important to partner with the right supplier. Are you really choosing the best system for your vineyard? Is your harvest really optimised?

Are you not quite getting there and want to be helped to make the right choice? We would be happy to help! Call +31 318 30 17 31 or enter your question below.

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